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Eleanor’s Story


Here’s the kind of home health care we gave Eleanor: We took her swimming.

Eleanor is an Alzheimer’s patient with post-polio syndrome who had given up a longtime love — swimming. She felt free in the water. But when Nurse Next Door began caring for her, she hadn’t swum in two decades and thought she never would again. A language barrier complicated interactions with her; Eleanor‘s native tongue is Swiss German, which none of her caregivers spoke.

Enter Liliane, a Nurse Next Door caregiver. Liliane spent a summer with Eleanor at a nearby swimming pool, encouraging her and building up her stamina. By summer’s end, she was swimming daily in one of the gorgeous lakes near her home in Penticton, B.C. — and she still does. It’s great for her body, mind and spirit, and the results shine in the smile on Eleanor’s face.

What’s more, Liliane speaks not just German but Swiss German, which means Eleanor communicates beyond her family members’ expectations. Recently, they report, Liliane and Eleanor were caught yodeling together.

Missing A Grand Opportunity

That’s how we’re different from other franchise nurse services.

Traditional franchise nurse services arrange care around basic tasks — meal preparation, cleaning, medication management, assistance with bathing and dressing. But they miss a grand opportunity to meet clients’ emotional and personal needs which are just as important, if not more so, than the physical ones.

Nurse Next Door builds care on the foundation of each individual’s needs, desires and personality and arranges the care package around the person instead of trying to plug the person into the package. It’s an approach to home health care unlike anything in the industry.

Often, home health care is a lifeless, soulless exercise in box-checking — insulin injection at 10 o’clock, check. Walk around the garden at noon, check. Caregivers enter and leave clients’ lives through a revolving door, seldom bothering to build trust-based relationships with their clients; if you’re going to be out of a client’s life in two weeks, what’s the point?

At Nurse Next Door, the trusting relationship between caregiver and client is the essence of what we do. We can’t imagine our loved ones enduring home health care without it.


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