10 Reasons to Buy a Home Care Franchise

You’re thinking of starting a business, but have you considered franchising? The idea of owning a franchise might bring to mind a Subway or a Pizza Hut, but it’s more than just fast food. It’s a good idea to compare franchising to starting a business from scratch, and see which one might better suit your lifestyle. Have you ever considered a home care franchise?

Nikki Jackson is one of the latest additions to the Nurse Next Door family. As a new Franchise Partner, she will be launching in Nashville, TN, providing premium home care services to seniors in her community. She shares why she chose to own a Senior Home Care franchise with North America’s fastest-growing home care franchise brand.

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Home Care Franchise

Here are ten reasons why buying a home care franchise may be the best decision you’ve ever made:

1. A Proven Business Model

When you buy a home care franchise, you’re buying into a system where the franchisor already knows what works. There’s less risk involved, and you may find it easier to get into a profitable routine, sooner.

2. Established Systems

With a franchise, there are tried-and-true systems in place that have been refined over time. Rather than deal with the trial-and-error of starting from scratch, you’ll get an operations manual (and lots of support around it) to teach you the systems you need to succeed.

3. Access to a Community of Experts

As a franchisee (or ‘Franchise Partner’ at Nurse Next Door), you get access to a built-in community of business experts, mentors, and other business owners who have been where you are. There’s no need to already be a business launch expert (and we wouldn’t expect you to be) when there’s a team to help you start strong from day one.

4. Affiliation with a Strong Brand

A franchise is an offshoot of an existing brand, which means you can get the perks of big business while enjoying the independence of being a small home care business owner. National-level marketing is done for you, and a big win for a franchise in another area can mean a big win for you, too. It’s also easier to find clients; saying “I’m with Josephina’s Home Care Cupids” might not resonate as well as “I’m with Nurse Next Door”.

5. Room to Build Equity

It’s rewarding to build equity in a company, and you hit the ground running when you join a franchise organization. Growth is usually a big focus for the franchisor, which can help Franchise Partners see bigger returns.

6. Resource Pooling

In a franchise system, franchisees often pool resources with other franchisees to keep costs down. Think of it like starting a business yourself, without starting a business ‘on your own’ (you’re never alone).

7. World-class Training Program

Instead of having to learn all aspects of a home care business the hard way, you’ll get access to a world-class training program. Franchise Partners are set up to start at a higher level than most first-time business owners, who typically have to put in years of research and experience to feel secure.

8. Ability to Grow

Franchise Partners start with exclusive territory, have the option to buy multiple locations throughout their time as a franchisee, and can buy from (or sell to) others in the system. The support for growth is always there.

9. Support in Business Focus Areas

With marketing, financing, and legal support, a franchisor helps its franchisees get set up, run smoothly, and solve problems. It’s clear which permits and insurance one should get. There’s no guesswork when it comes to how much it costs to start up.

10. Access to a Centralized Call Center

With Nurse Next Door, Franchise Partners get access to an incredible shared resource: our 24/7 centralized Care Services Center. Our home care franchise family loves it because we train and hire talented, caring people to schedule and book appointments for you. We want you to focus on spending time in your community and completing day-to-day operations, so we take care of the laborious stuff.

In many ways, a home care franchise is a great first (or second, or third) business. If you hadn’t thought of it before, we suggest you consider it now–and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

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