4 Reasons You Should Consider Buying A Franchise

These days, everyone seems to be starting businesses. While the general subject of entrepreneurship might feel over-explored, the idea of quitting your job to stake your own path is a dream that members of different generations have had at some point.

When freedom is the goal, taking the leap is the hard part. It is easy to convince ourselves that we would be happier or more comfortable to stay in our jobs. We tell ourselves that “now is not a good time.” The reality is that there is never going to be a good time to start a business. There will always be excuses. That is why you should make your move now.

One way to smooth the transition into business ownership is to consider buying a franchise. Here is why.

You have systems and moral support from the get go

An existing brand means access to resources and systems, easier marketing, and an entire team who can teach you how to effectively run your business. When you join a franchise system, you get the coaching, training, and ‘Business 101’ that comes with it. You can run a small business with the resources of a big company.

It is less risky than starting from scratch

When you launch a new business, you never know what to expect until it happens. With a tried-and-true system, others have had successes and failures before you. A franchisor has tested the waters and found what works and what doesn’t. With this knowledge, you enter into business ownership better prepared than most entrepreneurs.

You determine your success

Going into business for yourself, for some, is the ultimate freedom. What you put into it is what you get out of it. You will want to put your best foot forward in the business because it is depending on you to make it successful. While there are certain expectations you will need to meet as a franchisee, there is also opportunity in the way you choose to manage your team, your day-to-day operations, your schedule, and so on.

There are many franchise financing options available

The strong brand and financial history behind a franchise can make it easier for banks to justify approval of a loan. Nurse Next Door recently published an article on our franchise blog (How to Finance a Franchise) that includes alternative financing options, like borrowing, leveraging home equity and more.

If you are a motivated, organized and tenacious individual who likes structure but wants to leave your mark on this world, a franchise–namely one with purpose–could be your next big success.

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