About Nurse Next Door

Nurse Next Door Home Care Services is one of North America’s fastest growing home care providers and is dedicated to being the highest quality care option for seniors, consistently delivering the Happier Aging experience. Founded in 2001, Nurse Next Door has more than 150 locations across North America and is fast becoming a globally admired brand.

What to Expect During Our Franchise Discovery Day

Hear from our VP Global Franchise Development, Arif, on our home care business opportunity. If you've researched a franchise concept before, you're probably familiar with the term Discovery Day. This is a candidate's opportunity to see the franchise operations first hand, meet with the team and generally confirm what they've learned through their discussions so [...]

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Why This Lawyer Quit Her Job to Start a Home Care Business

From Suits to Scrubs Kathleen Ogilvy, a 33 year old lawyer, quit her job to start a home care business. Why? Because she wasn’t feeling fulfilled in her career working in lemon law and consumer products liability. Like many millennials, she sought the autonomy that comes with running a business. “I wanted to do something [...]

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