Q&A with Nurse Next Door Franchise Owner Tiffany Rubin

Rubin’s extraordinary success in Delaware keeps the bar high as Nurse Next Door franchise positions itself to take hold in the U.S. after dominating Canada

Nurse Next Door franchise owner Tiffany Rubin

Delaware-based Nurse Next Door general manager Tiffany Rubin

Tiffany and Chad Rubin of Nurse Next Door Franchise in Delaware are a dream team combo of medical experience and a lot entrepreneurial wherewithal. It worked well for the two, who were looking for a franchise that fit their love of caring for seniors and their independent spirits. But they weren’t naïve about setting themselves up financially for their future. The Rubins have the highest-performing Nurse Next Door franchise in the country.

How long have you been a Nurse Next Door franchise owner?

We purchased our location in March 2013 and opened our doors June of 2013. My

husband, Chad, has always had the entrepreneurial bug. Once we came upon Nurse Next Door, we stopped shopping around. One of the biggest pieces for me, being a nurse, is that they are one of the very few home care franchises that allows you to be “skilled medical.” So, we do everything here in Delaware. We do what most home care agencies do, the companion care and personal care, but we also do private-pay nursing care. It’s been a really great niche for us. If they can afford it, we can keep them home for ever. It’s so cool.

I would be silly to say it didn’t include a big financial gain. It has to. So, that was also a big part of it. We were young enough that we were able to put the hours in that were required. I want to set ourselves up for a financially secure future. One of the biggest things for me was the comfort level, as nursing was my background. It was easy. My husband and I feel like we’re a very good team. He has the business sense, and I have that caring side of it. I am just naturally drawn to people who need help.

What sets Nurse Next Door franchise apart?

First and foremost, our core purpose is to make lives better. That says it all to me; it was a franchise that gave me the freedom to do what I feel needs to be done for my clients, whether that is companion care, making a grilled cheese, giving out Christmas gifts or doing heavy nursing care. Secondly, we have the Care Services Center. As we continue to grow and make services better, our goal is that it will assist us in becoming larger in a very sustainable way.

Third, they allow the ability to provide skilled care. Many franchises only are allowed to be non-skilled. Then fourth, there is the support. I’ve heard that the support for other franchises is just not there. They may have more marketing materials, but the corporate support is different. HeartQuarters really wants to give partners the tools to succeed, and I’m confident that as we grow as a brand, the other things will fall into place.

How large is the opportunity for your business?

It’s gigantic. We are an example of that, because we started out with our first territory and then we were able to absorb two territories and expand to the whole state of Delaware.

Who are your customers?

Nurse Next Door frachiseEveryone who wants to stay happy at home instead of moving into a facility; from young people paralyzed by car accidents, to those affected by MS and Parkinson’s, to older adults who want to stay independent at home. We have two types of clients — those who are long-distance, the sons and daughters, and that is a different type of management. We usually talk to them once a month; we have our caregivers send pictures to those who live away. And then we have the ones who need more respite care, those who live with their parents. Those are the ones I feel that we help out the most.

Do you have a special client that comes to mind?

One of our first clients had seizures because of the ammonia levels in her house because she had over 40 cats. When I first visited her in the hospital, her daughter, who was a long-distance client, didn’t know what to do anymore. The first home visit was quite the eye-opener. She did not have a working kitchen. We were able to re-home all but five cats. There was a lot of education, getting her blood pressure under control. We got her on a better diet. We were able to be a really good resource for her. About four months later she was able to be discharged from us. So, that is what we love to see. We want clients to stay on forever, but something like that was really satisfying for us and for her caregivers and nurses.

What is unique about this approach to home care?

Since our location is owned and operated by an RN, we have a really cool approach. We look at every client holistically and can offer services most other franchises cannot, such as medication management.

What does your typical day look like?

There is no typical day, honestly. I may have something I do every Monday, but when it gets done, it’s always something different.

I know we’ve talked about support a little, but can you elaborate?

I’ve had a business coach since we opened. We had a conversation every single week until last month, when we no longer needed to have that. They’re very supportive. They did an on-site visit when we were eight months old. We have an on-site visit yearly, which is awesome. We have a weekly huddle call with all of the franchise partners every Friday. It’s great. You get to hear about other people’s successes, which ultimately helps you develop your team. If it works for somebody else, then it’s probably going to work for you. I am on the franchise advisory committee, which is a very active, and when there are issues they fly us up to Canada if needed.

What do you like about the business?

The ability to effect change in people’s lives and give them an independence they wouldn’t have otherwise. The ability to give people quality of life. I went into this as a nurse, and it’s pretty cool to have some self-discovery and figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Nursing is exhausting, you work nights and weekends. So that’s been really cool, finding a new industry and a place to do what I do and yet be a lot more satisfied and fulfilled in my personal life.

From the business perspective, what I really like is having full control. If we have an issue with a form, we change it. If we have an issue with a process, we alter it. That is, hands down, good customer service to be able to alter something because you need to alter it.

What does Nurse Next Door allow you to do that you couldn’t do before?

Manage people, grow in experience. I’ve changed and learned so much in the last 18 months, and I have a financially secure future. It also allows me to employ people, which I really like, being able to help support those employees: single moms, working parents, students.

Would you recommend a Nurse Next Door franchise to someone else?

Absolutely. Because at the end of the day, even with all the ups and downs, it still provides more opportunity than what most people could ever find elsewhere.

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