John Dehart, Ken Sim, and Cathy Thorpe are winners of an Entrepreneur Of The Year 2016 Award: Healthcare Services

When Cathy Thorpe joined Nurse Next Door as its president in 2014, she already knew the home-care provider from being a customer five years earlier. Her mother was recovering from surgery, and she was struck by the quality of care the company delivered to her family. Four months later, Thorpe began a friendship with co-founder John DeHart, whose daughter attended preschool with hers. Over the years, the two parents would meet for coffee where talk would inevitably turn to business. Thorpe was impressed by the company’s core values and vision for making people’s lives better, not just more bearable; DeHart admired Thorpe’s smarts. “She would ask me these piercing questions about the business,” DeHart says. “In a very short amount of time, she would figure out what the issues were—what the challenges were.”

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Nurse Next Door Home Care Services is one of North America’s fastest growing home care providers and is dedicated to being the highest quality care option for seniors, consistently delivering the Happier Aging experience. Founded in 2001, Nurse Next Door has more than 150 locations across North America and is fast becoming a globally admired brand.