Why Veterans Make Thriving Franchisees

For veterans, the civilian workforce might seem like a whole new world–especially if a military career is all you’ve known. For the men and women discharged from the military, finding a job might seem like a challenge. Luckily, there are a number of resources that help former military get over roadblocks.

One of those is VetFran, a program run by the International Franchise Association, that has been helping ex-military “transition into the civilian economy” by providing access to veteran franchise opportunities. In the last five years alone, over 6500 veterans have become franchisees in the US.

Nurse Next Door has recently joined up with VetFan to make it easier for veterans to make plans, find a budget, and thrive as Franchise Partners. Franchises provide training, proven operational excellence, and a huge support system.

franchises for veterans, veteran franchise opportunities

Military experience is transferable

Chris Hardy, Franchise Partner with Nurse Next Door in Fort Worth, TX has been able to apply the leadership skills, discipline, and fearlessness he developed as an officer. “I feel these skills translate well into understanding how to take care of employees and clients, and focusing on completing a business goal the way you might complete a mission,” he says.

Hard work comes with many rewards

Adapting quickly to tackle and overcome daily challenges is one of the things that translates directly from military service, according to Chad Rubin (Nurse Next Door Franchise Partner in Delaware). “You’ll be expected to find solutions that not only get you through your current challenge, but set yourself and your business up for ongoing success.”

While there may be no ‘magic formula’ for success, vets can apply their motivated attitudes and aptitude for perseverance to their business. “It still continues to amaze me how much can be accomplished by sheer determination and power of will,” he says.

Veterans may be looking to find a role that replaces “the sense of purpose and camaraderie we become accustomed to in the military,” Chad adds. “Finding a new career or business opportunity that gives meaning and allows you to pour your heart into it can be difficult, but with so many great options out there, it’s definitely possible.”

franchises for veterans, veteran franchise opportunities

Veterans’ advice for veterans getting into franchising

Chad’s biggest piece of advice is simple: “Do your homework.” Buying a franchise is a major decision. He suggests learning as much as possible about the organization so you understand everything from operations, potential costs, culture, and how the head office works with franchisees.

“I think people tend to spend a lot of time focusing on the costs and earnings potential, but understanding the brand and the culture are extremely important when figuring out if it will be the right long-term fit. I also highly recommend looking at opportunities in an industry that you are passionate about.”

Chris Hardy echoes the sentiment of learning everything you can about the brand and culture. “Call another veteran who’s a franchise owner and get their perspective on things,” he says.

Are you or someone you know a veteran looking to transition into a new role? Jump on a free Discovery Call at 1.877.330.1819 and learn how Nurse Next Door and VetFran can help you take your next step toward a fulfilling career.

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