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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start a Nurse Next Door Senior Care Franchise

The Time is Right for a Senior Care FranchiseThere is a huge disparity between the aging Baby Boomer population and the amount of home health care franchises that are ready to meet their needs. As millions of Americans become senior citizens at an increasingly rapid pace, there is an enormous opportunity for a Nurse Next Door medical franchise to meet their needs and assist in their aging process.

The opportunity for a elder care franchise is going to expand in the coming decades. The demographics collected by the US Census reveal this to be the case: In 2009, seniors in the United States, made up 12.9 percent of the population, roughly equating to one of every eight Americans. By 2030, that percentage is projected to hit 19, or nearly one in five Americans will be senior citizens. By 2050, that percentage will be more than 20%.

To get an idea as to the size of the contemporary market for a senior care franchise, consider this statistic: according to Health Affairs, the average senior spends close to $20,000 annually on individual health care. That statistic makes a strong case that starting a home care health business to provide personalized living assistance right at home for the rapidly growing senior demographic is not only an opportunity but a need in the market here and now.

How Do We Go Above and Beyond Our Competitors?

Of course, as in every market with opportunities this strong, any new  home care franchise will be met with competition. So, standing out and differentiating your senior care franchise business is critical to growth and profitability. This is where Nurse Next Door comes in. As a home health care franchise, Nurse Next Door helps seniors cope with a myriad of illnesses, ailments and debilitations. Our goal is to improve the quality of client’s lives by giving at home living assistance a personal touch.

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The Nurse Next Door’s senior care franchise business model is about caring, not just health care. Other home health care companies are task-oriented, caring for clients based on how well their needs match the available services. We flip that around. We start with the client. What does the client need? Once we find out, we help our clients live full lives, not lives that are diminished as a result of getting older.

Our Business Model Was Designed With the Hearts of Our Customers in Mind

It doesn’t stop there though. Our differentiation cuts right to the heart of the home care business model. From our 24/7 Care Services Center, which allows us to handle scheduling and in-bound sales for our franchise partners (two of the most difficult aspects of the business), to our lively brand and even our operations, we’ve built our model to help our franchise partners outgrow their competition quickly.

If the opportunity to thrive in the senior care franchise business while making lives better appeals to you, fill out the form on this site, download our detailed franchise report with information on our history, people and innovations that make franchise ownership a pleasure — then let’s start talking about how Nurse Next Door can make your life better as well.

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