What makes Nurse Next Door different than all the other home care companies?

1. Brand

Our brand is designed to standout within a cold and cluttered industry. When it comes to home care or aging, the standard blue color is often used amongst other home care companies to represent the growing need for the aging population. From our pink cars to our lively imagery of seniors celebrating aging, our brand is designed to be strong and bold to grab our audience and stand out. 

What’s more is that our brand goes beyond just our visuals. We have built our brand around a concept of Happier Aging®. Nurse Next Door’s care is about much more than taking care of the clinical needs. It’s about getting our clients back to doing the things they love. This helps us deliver a unique care experience – one that builds a brand in our communities. Happier Aging® positions Nurse Next Door as more than a task-oriented company as it’s helped countless clients rediscover activities and interests that once bought them joy.Nurse Next Door is built upon core values that guide the culture of the business and are implemented all the way from our clients to caregivers. With the belief that customers can only receive the care they deserve when employees are truly invested in the company, Nurse Next Door’s core values “Admire People, WOW Customer Experience, Find a Better Way and Passionate About Making a Difference” embody who we are, how we feel and how we want people to be treated.


2. Centralized Scheduling

Our second key differentiator is our unique operational model. In the home care industry, scheduling is one of the key limiting challenges. It’s why so many home care business owners burnout. As their business grows, so too does the administrative and logistical burden of scheduling caregivers and clients. Nurse Next Door is unique in that we have centralized this function and removed the lion’s share of that burden from our franchise partners. Nurse Next Door’s Care Services Center, a 24/7/365 call center manages the scheduling function of our franchise partners’ businesses so they can focus on growth.

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