What Inspired this All-American Couple to Become Entrepreneurs

Meet John and Carly Neal, one of the latest Franchise Partners to join the Nurse Next Door family! The couple met each other while working for cruise lines in South Florida—fast forward a few years and they are raising their two kids ages 4 and 6. Now, they are onto the next milestone in life—becoming their own bosses by owning and operating Nurse Next Door Home Care Services in Jupiter/Palm Beach! What drew them to Nurse Next Door? Why home care? We asked John a few questions to spotlight their story and explore what drew them to Nurse Next Door!


Why Nurse Next Door?

We went through the discovery process with three other home care franchise brands before finding Nurse Next Door. We had returned from a Discovery Day with another franchise and realized we didn’t feel really drawn to any of them. Reluctantly, I began searching for other franchises late one night and came across Youtube videos from Nurse Next Door. The next morning, I told Carly she had to watch them. We both had the same feeling, “Are these people for real?” It sounds cliché, but it really was a breath of fresh air feeling. After an expedited discovery process and a Discovery Day visit, we knew we found the right partner.


What were you doing before you bought a Nurse Next Door franchise? How does that translate into becoming running your own business?

I worked in Real Estate the last 4 years since moving from Miami to Palm Beach County. Carly and I decided that we really wanted to do something together and that’s how we decided to research opening our own business. The biggest asset we bring is our extensive experience with hiring and managing a diverse talent pool and executing a customer-centric strategy. We both managed large teams at the cruise lines on the ships and shoreside. As our caregivers will be the focal point in the delivery of Happier Aging, we know that if we execute well in hiring, training, and developing our staff we can be very successful!

What does Happier Aging mean to you?

Happier Aging is a holistic approach to the clients’ overall well-being. Happier Aging is going beyond just the assistance with activities of daily life, which is necessary but kind of bare minimum expectations our clients should have. It means helping our clients reignite a passion they used to have or discovering new ones. Happier Aging allows our clients to continue to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally, no matter where they are in life.

Take a look at a Happier Aging example!

Why did you decide to open a Nurse Next Door Home Care Franchise? What previous experiences (professional and personal) prepared you &/or made you want to get into this business?

Very quickly after we decided to open our own business we narrowed our focus down to the home care industry. It really made sense for the type of business we wanted to have. It brings us back to our roots of having a passion for serving others. I worked in the hospitality industry since college and have always enjoyed improving the client experience; Carly is amazing in team building and coaching and development. I also had experience caring for my father as he aged, so I know firsthand how important and beneficial it is to be able to stay in your home for as long as you can. Quality of life at home is so much better and some people just need a little help to be able to do that.

What need is there for home care in your community?

South Florida has always been and continues to be a popular location for retirement for people from all over the US and abroad. Currently, about 25% of the population in Palm Beach County is aged 65 and better.

How is Nurse Next Door different?

What we are finding out through interviewing caregivers and sharing the Nurse Next Door story is that the things that attracted us are the same things that will make us stand out in the community. We had a group interview with potential caregivers and we showed them some of the videos. Watching their eyes light up and being surprised that they would be empowered to make a difference in their clients’ lives was very rewarding to us. It reaffirmed our decision to join Nurse Next Door. No doubt South Florida is competitive in this industry but Nurse Next Door focuses on the client experience and Happier Aging is what sets us apart from the crowd.

Lastly, what advice would you give to people with entrepreneurship spirit?

While having a passion for something is important, there needs to be more than that to find success. We all have a passion for our hobbies and interests, but they won’t necessarily make for great and rewarding careers. When you can combine your passion with a purpose you believe in, then you are pointed in the right direction!

Are YOU passionate about making a difference? Becoming an owner of Nurse Next Door franchise means building relationships in your local community and making seniors’ lives better!

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